2010 Aston Martin One-77 - Auto Shows

We have reported endlessly, it seems, on the stunningly fast, stunningly expensive, and stunningly styled Aston Martin One-77 in advance of the car’s official unveiling, which has just taken place at the 2009 Geneva auto show. Now that the supercar is out of the bag, we have more details on the most ambitious automobile in the company’s history.

Race Car Inside

The One-77’s architecture was guided, Aston says, by the principles of front-engine/rear-drive touring-car racers, incorporating a carbon-fiber monocoque and a double-wishbone suspension that features inboard, pushrod-actuated dynamic shocks. And, as with race cars themselves, final suspension tuning that will be set once the vehicle is actually delivered to the owner for the ultimate in customization. Interestingly, Aston claims that the beauty of each mechanical component was considered as the One-77 progressed, not just its function. And having seen it in person now, we can personally vouch for the company’s efforts.

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