2009 Aston Martin DBS Automatic - First Drive Review

Some days, it’s tough to be objective. These include those all-too-rare moments when we slide into the grippy driver’s seat of an Aston Martin DBS, which is one of the most achingly beautiful automobiles on the planet. Sure, it’s blatantly elitist, horribly impractical, and obnoxiously expensive, but when one pulls up and a dude jumps out and hands over the ECU key-thing, all sensibility is abandoned and the inner sybarite is the only influence you listen to.

Then again, isn’t such a swirl of emotion exactly whatshould happen with a car that costs over $270,000? We think so, and thus we don’t apologize for savoring every minute of this particular two-day test drive in Los Angeles, hurtling from stoplight to stoplight along L.A.’s busy boulevards, where everyone that drives an Aston Martin is famous—or at least famous-looking. Even in L.A., the attention one gets in the flagship DBS is constant, and you can’t help but buy into it. You have to dress up to drive this car.

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