First Official Aston Martin Rapide “Image” Leaks [Aston Martin Rapide]

According to CAR, this rendering shows the long-awaited production version of the Aston Martin Rapide. As expected and as indicated by multiple spy shots, the Rapide stays remarkably similar to the original concept, full-length glass roof and all. That's a good thing, the Aston design language, as seen on the DB9, Vantage and Jaguar XK lends itself rather fetchingly to a four door shape, resulting in a much less awkward car than the Porsche Panamera and a much less confused shape than the Lamborghini Estoque. But what changes have been made?

CAR says to expect a two-intake, stacked front grille, a new crease that runs from the front wheels back through both doors, a redesigned trunk and rear clip with a chrome accent between the taillights. The interior should, more or less, resemble a four seat DB9, since that's exactly what this car is.

Power will come from a 6.0-liter V12 making around 500 HP and 420 Lb-Ft of torque. While that sounds like more than enough, a faster version of the Rapide, tentatively called the Rapide R (get it?) is allegedly in the cards. Production will be carried out by Magna Steyr in Austria, meaning the Rapide stands half a chance of having quality that'll live up to its near $300,000 price tag. [via CAR]



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